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Columbus-based designer Paula Chamblin Aulino grew up in a family-owned furniture business and developed her passion for creating beautiful spaces at a young age.  She spent endless hours flipping through fabric samples, imagining what they could create.

Paula is known for designing timeless interiors that feel collected over time, yet current.  She layers colors, patterns, and textures that are beautiful and practical for today's busy lifestyles.  She effectively mixes high and low pieces to create stylish spaces.

Named one of Columbus's "Top Fifteen Interior Designers" in 2015, Paula has developed a strong network of resources — from bespoke furniture to unique accessories — meaning no two spaces she creates are the same.

Paula's Principles:

Thoughtful interior design means great attention to detail.

Interior design must be unique to each client.

Success in life is creating life-long client relationships.

​Her passion for interior design, combined with her understanding of her clients' needs, has resulted in her design of projects ranging from traditional to contemporary in both the greater Columbus area, as well as throughout the country.

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